Renting Steel Storage Containers is the Best 

Temporary Solution

Container Source is the simple, stress free, solution for storage rental containers. Perfect for onsite construction, farm and ranch, or varying needs. We make solutions for your projects easy. Using only high quality products, our steel storage containers for rent are an affordable option compared to purchasing cargo containers upfront. By renting a container, you’d have all of the advantages with none of the hassle of selling or moving when you’re done with it.

Below are some prime examples of how businesses take advantage of renting steel storage containers:

  • Rent for refurbishing a retail space
  • Temporary storage of goods during the off season
  • Safely clean and sort areas of your warehouse by leasing temporary steel storage containers
  • Store tools and costly building materials during construction of buildings, schools, and more

Quality and service are paramount to Container Source. Each of our containers are durable, waterproof, windproof, and rodent proof. These containers come in various sizes to match your needs and project scale. Checked for condition before they head to you, our containers will always arrive in a timely manner and in a presentable shape. Containers are the logical way to store your valuable products, equipment, and miscellaneous storage.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff is always available to give you specs or answer any questions you may have. We rent both new containers or used containers.

The Best Industrial Short-term Storage Solution

For industrial and commercial use, steel storage containers are an economic and efficient way to safely secure your valuables, products, equipment and tools for your short term and long term projects. Use them as a temporary warehouse, an extension of your transport fleet, or as onsite office. They are also ideal for disaster preparedness, or having the peace of mind that your items are close by and protected from wind, water, and rodents. Our containers can even be modified to house furniture, racks, and lighting! Container Source is proud to provide personable and reliable service.

We rent and sell new and used mobile containers, and can even relocate your steel container when you rent from us. We pride ourselves on always being quick and always being affordable. Whether you need on-site storage for industrial equipment, a mobile warehouse for your commercial products, an increase to your fleet, or just someplace to put your stuff when cleaning out your warehouse…

Container Source is here to help! Contact us now for availability! Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff is here to help you figure out the best solution for you.