Deciding to rent a dumpster can help your enterprise and project unfold easier and more successfully. Whether commercial demolitions, residential remodeling projects, or manufacturing, Container Source provides quality dumpster rental services for your specific needs. Having an onsite roll-off dumpster rental has a lot of conveniences and alleviates unnecessary dumping issues and penalties. If you have an upcoming project that requires you to rent a dumpster, we recommend talking to our team of experts to ensure you have all the information to enhance your experience. Here are some of the tips you need to consider the next time you rent a dumpster:

Select the Most Suitable Dumpster Style and Size

The magnitude of your project will determine the ideal dumpster size and type, from rear loading containers, roll-off dumpsters, and compactors are some of the options offered by Container Source. If you are not certain of the right dumpster type and size to use, our experienced team can assess your project and determine the most appropriate dumpster rental.

We have a range of dumpsters that vary in size, ensuring that all your dumpster rental needs are met. Container Source can help you assess the various dimensions so that you have all the information needed to help you choose accordingly.

Ideal Placement and Location

It is important to decide on the best location within your property to store the dumpster rental for optimal usage and convenience. We recommend choosing a well-levelled, free from debris and away from the human, vehicle, and equipment traffic. As a property owner, it’s advisable to ensure minimum damage to surrounding structures such as plumbing. For efficient use, a dumpster rental should be placed in an ideal location free from power lines and tree branches.


Although the terrain is a vital consideration when renting a roll-off dumpster, ensuring it is accessible is equally crucial. A well-placed dumpster rental can maximize productivity on the project and use. It would help if you also considered the driver delivering and picking it up. Container Source can help you pick out the ideal spot, making it easy for the dumpster to be accessed and for the driver to drive to the placement site comfortably.

Consider a Waste Audit

Container Source offers waste audit services for customers who are unsure about the right dumpster size or placement type. This provides insight into the most appropriate dumpster option for you; roll-off dumpsters, rear loading, standard one top dumpsters and compactors are some of the viable options for your dumpster needs. Opting for a professional assessment from Container Source goes a long way in ensuring that you have the most suitable waste management solution for your project.

Our experts can also help you customize a solution that suits your project needs. The next time you want to rent a dumpster, these are some things you need to consider. For more information on dumpster rental tips, contact us at Container Source for top-notch services at an affordable rate.


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